Fitness Classes

Yoga - (Gentle Yoga/Yoga):
Our yoga classes promote balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through various postures and breathing techniques. A lot of emphasis is placed on correct body alignment, proper body mechanics and creating balance and flexibility with breathing and relaxation techniques. Great for all fitness levels.

Power Yoga - (basic knowledge of sun salutations encouraged):
Strengthen, Rejuvenate, then relax in a an invigorating and challenging flow class. Please bring hand towel (from front desk) to class. Not recommended for someone new to yoga or with a low fitness level.

Pilates/Core Strengthening:
Develop strength and stabilization of the abdominal and back muscles, known as the "body's core," creating firm abdominal and a healthy, strong elongated spine.

Core Training w/Bosu:
Abdominal workout that utilizes the stability ball and bozo provides toning exercises for the abs, buns and back. Resulting in stronger abs, firmer buns strengthened low back, and improved posture. Great for all ages and fitness levels.

Bosu/Bosu Stretch/Bosu Core Training/Bosu Balance:
Don't know what a BOSU ball is? Imagine 1/2 an exercise ball on a hard platform. In this class, we will work balance, agility, and strength using the Bosu as well as hand weights resistance bands and weight bars. Try one of our bosu classes.

Cardio Classes:
Whether step or Lo- Impact, each class will provide a fun, high-energy program designed to challenge your cardiovascular system as well as muscle conditioning and bone strengthening.

Aqua Aerobics:
Designed for all fitness levels, this class is fun and effective. The natural resistance of water creates the perfect medium for cardiovascular and strength training without the stress on the joints. By using pool dumbbells, water noodles and water gloves, you can increase the resistance to continually challenge your muscles to work harder, enabling you to see results In no time.

Aqua Movement with Purpose:
Water walking, balance and joint range of motion exercises to retard, and ease the pain of arthritic joints, strengthen weakened muscles and correct posture and muscle imbalances.

Strength Training:
This class may use any combination of step, resistance bands, body bars, weights, bosu and stability balls to create a challenging and effective workout for your muscles. Working the muscles at different ROM's, lever length and varying speeds while focusing on both eccentric and concentric contractions to create improved muscle tone, strength and endurance.

Jazzercise Lite:
Jazzercise blends Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates and kickboxing movements into fun dance routines set to fresh new music. All fitness levels are welcome.