Going Green

imgItís easy to get caught up in believing that going green is a major undertaking when in fact, making small changes in how we conduct our everyday activities can have just as much of an impact. On the golf courses here at PGA WEST we are taking a proactive approach towards better environmental stewardship. One of the tools to help monitor this progress is seeking certification for each of our courses through Audubon Internationalís Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses. We are pleased to announce that all six courses have received this certification for their efforts in sustainability.

The AI program focuses on several different areas: environmental planning, wildlife and habitat management, chemical use reduction and safety, water conservation, water quality management and community outreach and education. 

As you take a second to enjoy the beauty of the Desert Primrose or stand in awe at a rare sighting of Bighorn Sheep, please know that a unified effort is underway towards better environmental stewardship on all of our golf courses. We are making small changes today for a better tomorrow. For more information on Audubon International please visit auduboninternational.org.